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Cloud Phone System

Ride the Cloud with Crexendo

The Cloud Business Solution Experts

Comprised of some of the best business minds in the country, Crexendo has been an innovative force in cloud telephone services for some time now. With a sound foundation comprised of highly efficient and customer-oriented systems, and some of the most experienced executive leaders in the nation, Crexendo is leading the way to the next generation of business services with cloud telephone solutions.

Web-Based Cloud Phone System

One of the best ways to ensure that your company is functioning at the optimal level is to utilize cost-cutting, up-to-date technologies. Cloud telephones from Crexendo allow you to do much more with your phone system than you have ever had the ability to do before.

Cloud phone systems are web-based, multi-purpose, and interactive, all of which allow for more convenient, and integrated communications. Cloud phones...

  • Are routed to the correct department or person;
  • Receive timely voicemail alerts;
  • Have multiple options for routing and handling incoming phone traffic; and
  • Transfer calls throughout your office simply and conveniently.

With a virtual business phone service such as Crexendo you no longer have the problems of the past - customers frustrated by inefficient phone routing options, or calls that get placed on hold, and are neglected. Instead, you will have an intuitive, user-friendly system that allows you full control over your business phone services.

What Can Cloud Business Services Do for You?

Your communications are an integral part of your business, and the benefits of a cloud phone system can take you to a whole new level of satisfaction through improved customer service.

We can help you de-clutter your messy message system so that you and your employees can spend your time doing what really matters; taking care of your clients.

With a Crexendo cloud phone system you can:

  • Customize automated menus for incoming calls based on the number dialed. You can add multiple levels of menus with specified greetings and options for the caller to speak or dial their menu selection;
  • Use one web-based portal to manage your email, voicemail, fax, and call transfers. You can sign on as many computers as needed in the office at the same time, and all users can see the availability of other users;
  • Make conferencing easier than ever – with up to 10 parties on a call at the same time;
  • Place calls “in park” in the online interface, which puts them on hold, and then automatically transfer them to the correct party by dragging and dropping. Everyone on the cloud telephone system can then see who is in park, and how long they have been there, so that no client is ever on an extended hold without receiving a response; and
  • Automatically convert voicemail to a .wav file and have it delivered to you via email, so if you’re out of the office you can still receive all voicemails from your smartphone or home computer.

When you’re operating a business the last thing you want is inefficiency. Inefficiencies create stumbling blocks that can hold things up and negatively impact your bottom line. Customer dissatisfaction leads to a lowered profit margin which will ultimately lead to reduced business growth. You don’t have to let this happen because at Crexendo, our cloud business phone services make it possible for you to clear those stumbling blocks.

Taking Care of Business

As a leader in web marketing services, Crexendo, Inc. is a publicly traded company on the American Stock Exchange. They are built from the ground up with executive leadership of varied experience from around the business world. Crexendo recruits some of the most talented minds to further company objectives, availability, and performance quality, and they understand that strong partnerships – especially in the digital world – will ultimately lead to outstanding service for their customers. For this reason they have cultivated relationships with giants such as Google, redhat, Linux, VeriSign, Sun Microsystems, Oracle, Apache, PayPal, and ScanAlert.

Customer Service

Crexendo virtual phone services are US based and offer live support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so whenever you need assistance with your company’s phone service,we are here for you. The professionals who handle sales, installment, management, technical support, and other support services at Crexendo are well known throughout the industry. With decades of experience, the highest level of customer service and technical training, as well as the most innovative performance management and feedback system available, Crexendo is dedicated to each and every one of their clients as well as those clients’ businesses.

Plans, Costs, and Features

Because every company has different needs for their cloud business services, Crexendo has designed options for businesses of all sizes, budgets, and technological bases. They offer three different plans with a variety of customizable choices so that your business can be set up exactly the way you need it to be.

Take your phone system into the 21st century by exploring the Crexendo 200 or 300 Plans. These annual subscriptions will bring you round-the-clock access to your clients, some of the easiest reporting and system management services available, and unlimited access to the Crexendo customer support - any time you need them.

Your phone system is an important part of making sure your business runs efficiently; making the choice to switch to a cloud phone system is intelligent as well as cost efficient. No matter what questions you might need answers to, you can rest assured that a Crexendo customer service representative is standing by to help you with your virtual business needs.

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